Prof. Dr. Gustav Dobos

The Impact of Mindfulness on Health and Well-being of Cancer Patients

Cancer patients experience many negative physical and psychological symptoms including pain, vomiting, stress, anxiety, and depression. Besides mainstream oncology and other promising CAM-therapies scientific evidence exists for the efficacy of training patients in mindfulness. In this talk the evidence regarding mindfulness-based-stress-reduction (MBSR) for cancer-patients will be reviewed.


I also introduce the day-clinic program of the Department for Complementary and Integrative Medicine at Kliniken-Essen-MItte, including a modified ten-week MBSR-program of a 6-hour day each week (i.e. extending the 2 hours to 6 hours) in a clinical setting for Integrative Oncology for breast-cancer-patients. In this extended version it is possible to cover a wider field of themes such as nutrition and exercise, combined with mindfulness. Besides cancer-patient care, mindfulness-training can be recommended for relatives of cancer patients and for employees working with these patients. Ideally mindfulness should be the basic attitude of the employees of the hospital.

Professor Dr. Gustav Dobos, M.D.

is Director of the Clinic of Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Central Clinic-Essen in Germany since 1999. The Clinic of Complementary and Integrative Medicine comprises  a ward of 57 beds and an outpatient centre treating patients with traditional European and Asian methods in combination with conventional medical diagnosis and treatment.