Prof. Dr. Heinrich Dauber

Pitfalls and Chances of Mindfulness Practice within  Educational Contexts

A number of critical questions concerning the largely unqualified modern usage of the concept “mindfulness” in the educational discourse will be addressed in this lecture. Is mindfulness a healthy attitude, a way of conducting relationships or a type of attention training? Can mindfulness be taught in schools (an institution of a compulsory participation) with a selective and allocative function?


What role does mindfulness  play in scientific investigation and expansion of the mind? Can the practice of mindfulness contribute to a new culture of compassionate participation and political/social action in the area of collectively repressed social and ecological issues? Finally: Can the practice of mindfulness be seen historically in connection with the epistemological and educational concepts in a humanistic educational and psychological tradition (Gindler, Buber, Korczak, Goodman, Fromm, Illich)?

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Dauber

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Dauber, born 1944; married Charlette Auque Dauber, 3 sons, 4 grandchildren. Primary and Sek.I Teacher in Baden-Württemberg; parallel secondary studies of education, psychology and theology in Tübingen and Heidelberg; 1978-2009 Professor of education at the University of Kassel; 2000-2005 Chairman of the Centre for teacher education University of Kassel; since 1996 together with Charlette-Auque Dauber director ‘Resonanz - playback theatre Kassel'.

Training in Gestalt Therapy (grad.) Düsseldorf, FPI, 1990; DGIB, DGIK, DGGK). Training in playback Theatre (member IPTN practitioner, grad. New York 2001). Founding member of the Commission on education and humanistic psychology in the German society for education; Associate Editor of the series ‘Education and Humanistic Psychology’, Klinkhardt Verlag, Bad Heilbrunn; Editorial staff of the journal of Transpersonal Psychology and psychotherapy (ZfTPP).