Workshop Dr. med. Ulrike Anderssen-Reuster

Mindfulness Based Treatment of Depression of In-Patients

The clinic for psychosomatic and psychotherapy at the hospital in Dresden-Neustadt offers since four years a weekly course in mindfulness. The patients suffer from symptoms of depression, anxiety, somatic pain illnesses and post-traumatic stress disturbances. Frequently, patients suffer from personality disturbances and have difficulties in regulating emotions and bearing tensions and stress. In this seminar a general view of the contents and experiences regarding mindfulness training in the clinic will be given. A differentiation will be made between active and susceptive forms of mindfulness. Indication as well as contra-indication of mindfulness practices will be observed and discussed.

Dr. med. Ulrike Anderssen-Reuster

is the head of the clinic for psychosomatics and psychotherapy at the clinical center for psychological health at the Städtisches Krankenhaus Dresden-Neustadt. She is a specialist in psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis and is Assistant Professor at the “Dresdner Institut für Psychodynamische  Psychotherapie” (Dresden Institute for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy). The main emphasis of her work is the care of patients with psychosomatic illnesses and mindfulness based psychotherapy. She has 30 years of experience in Zen meditation.